What to Know about Rubber Bands

Frequently Asked Questions and More!

How To Measure a Rubber Band

Here’s what we’ll need to know:

  • What are the dimensions of the object the rubber band will be wrapped around? Heavy or light weight?
  • What color of rubber bands do you need?
  • How many pieces will you need?
  • Will the rubber band be used indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be exposed to extreme temperatures? Chemicals?
  • What’s your lead time?

how to measure rubber bands

How Long Will Rubber Bands Last?

Rubber bands are made from a natural material that may disintegrate over time. The proper storage of the bands is important to their longevity.

Rubber bands should be kept in an environment that is away from direct sunlight, heat and chemicals.

Natural rubber bands are not recommended for outside applications. (Speak to us about UV-Ozone resistant bands.)

Store rubber bands in their original packaging inside the box for best results.


Any unopened bags may be returned within 30 days with the agreement of Dykema Rubber Band. Please call us with your request for a refund or exchange prior to sending them back.

Custom made bands are not returnable.


We ship UPS, Fedex and USPS Priority. If you have a preference, just let us know when you order!

Dykema Rubber Band Company Shipping Methods


We accept major credit cards, ACH and wire transfers. Please call for details.

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